New For Old
New For Old is our 'scrappage scheme' for programmers. Get finally rid of your old device programmer! Put it in a box, send it to us, and receive in exchange a brand new modern GALEP-5 or GALEP-5D programmer at a $100 discount.

The New For Old discount applies to all universal device programmers in a case connected to the PC via printer or USB cable. The programmer can be defect, but at least the case should be intact, more or less (who knows, we might put it up in our programmers museum). Of course, you can also send a GALEP-III or GALEP-4 for a discounted GALEP-5.

Please send your old programmer to:

Conitec Datensysteme GmbH
Dieselstr. 11c
64807 Dieburg, Germany

Please add a brief notice which programmer you want in exchange (GALEP-5 or 5D), and how you want to pay (wait for invoice, or pay by COD). Your new programmer will then be shipped within 24 hours after payment.



Conitec GmbH · Dieselstr. 11c · 64807 Dieburg